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the documents of the internal account fixing the fact of obtaining the order of the client on transaction with securities, as that orders of clients, and the transaction fact with securities as that administrative notes (tiketa) and confirmations of transactions.

The organizational structure of Diapazon-Finservice firm considered above, is, in my opinion, by optimum structure of functioning of investment company in modern economic conditions and is used in the majority of similar investment companies.

Responsibility for the organization of the internal accounting of the broker and the dealer is born by the head of the company. The head of the company is obliged to provide strict observance of the company by all divisions concerning the internal account, requirements for its organization, providing properly the documented data for the appropriate organization of the account, and also to formation of the necessary internal reporting and reporting before clients.

One more function of cash department - management of in cash of firm. This function is so specific that deserves own organization. With cash department it is connected strongly with that cashiers accept and give out money.

Operation input - filling of details of operation: in interests of whom it is carried out, with what security, in what trade market, etc. The commissions and collecting pay off automatically. Operations can is entered in parts on several workplaces. For example, the part of data is entered in trade department, and part in a back office.

As a result of practical work I got acquainted with structure, features of work and technology of maintaining the internal accounting of operations with securities in investment company. Practical result of work is accumulation of material for final qualification work. During performance of objectives the review of software products of the software and hardware complexes, available in the market, which are carrying out maintaining the internal account, and the analysis of their functional realization was carried out.

Various sets of functions of system are focused on the automated support of the actions entering duties of traders, employees of a back office, the staff of analytical divisions of the company.