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knew all considerable artists of a turn of centuries. He perfectly was guided in all situation of art life. However, as it is paradoxical, its thicket could meet in the Old picture gallery or Louvre before Rembrandt's pictures, than at modern exhibitions. He considered the art as development of great traditions of the past.

Kandinsky as all large masters of modern times, was universal in the art activity. He was engaged not only painting and graphics, but also music (since early years), poetry, the theory of art. The artist made out interiors, did sketches of lists on porcelain, projected models of dresses, created sketches of applications and furniture, was engaged in the photo, was interested in a cinema. In "the world building of arts" of the future to it "the shock of habitual forms", divisions and "partitions between separate arts" seems, he wants to mobilize efforts of musicians, dancers, writers.

All thoughts of the artist are directed to the future, its vigorous activity of the organizer of a number of art associations, the teacher, the creator is predetermined by aspiration to approach it. The witness of big social revolutions, he considered that there will be "new people" soon and "great Pomelo stories will sweep away litter from internal spirit", "will cancel the black, suffocating and dead sky hanging over us".

The theater in romantic tradition, especially at Wagner, was presented to it by top of art and synthetic polyphony. It corresponded also to a modernist style era esthetics. In Munich Kandinsky together with the composer Thomas Hartman and the dancer Alexander Sakharov composes the libretto of the ballet "Yellow Sound". In Bauhaus carries out statement of "Pictures from an exhibition" of M. Mussorgsky, the representing implementation of the concept of "total theater" where interact a pantomime, music, lighting, paints. All this makes uniform art language, "parallel repetition", "the internal accord" which it so valued.

What did Kandinsky want to give to people? He gave the answer itself: "To cause joyful ability to endure spiritual essence in material and abstract things". It seemed to it — as he understood art history rhythms — that its art will be estimated in 100 years. Need for it ripened much earlier.

Ideas of the artist of synthetical character of arts, in other words, about their deep internal communication and interpenetration are connected with romantic tradition of "a cumulative art product the" ("gesamtkunstwerk") edited later in the spirit of searches of synthesis of arts of an era of a modernist style. Its well-known "Sounds" (191 — synthesis poetic, musical and picturesque (these are 38 poems with 12 color and 54 black-and-white engravings).

Matisse stepped through "accident of forms of the nature", or, better to say, only he managed to cast away in places absolutely unnecessary (the negative moments) in these forms, and sometimes — to put in this case, so to speak, the form (an element positive)". Matisse paints will live in abstract compositions of Kandinsky: they are expressivna, express both color, and "idea" of color, "pratsvt" blue, red, white, green. Even the manner of imposing of paints on a canvas sometimes reminds receptions of the French artist. Thanks to Claude Monet, and then and Matisse the artist began to realize that the form and color do not need subject motivation. However, Monet and Matisse have paints having the sensual nature were always a special equivalent of a vision, but Kandinsky felt that will be able to step through it. How? Only having given to paint spirituality.