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When building ventilation it is necessary to exclude possibility of passing of stitched air through rooms. One stitched system lunch halls, hot and confectionery shops, washing and billet shops, administratively household rooms unite.

Special value acquires knowledge of the theory of a balanced diet in the conditions of transition to holiday of complex breakfasts, lunches and dinners which menu has to provide not only the power value of a diet, but also its quantitative structure according to the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, the necessary ratio of sugars, starch, cellulose, mineral substances, vitamins and other components of food.

At combines of public catering it is necessary to have the big warehouse economy including the cooled and not cooled warehouse. Besides, at combine groups administratively – household and podsobno – technical rooms are provided.

Practical the course or laboratory researches pass in lyceum, to be exact in the dining room which is intended for service of pupils by lunches. Technological process of production of culinary products consists of a number of the stages and operations including reception and storage of raw materials, and also production of ready dishes and products and their realization. Pupils carry out all operations of technological process in practice.

Considering tendencies of development of modern society, especially youth, the dominating purpose is creation of conditions for formation of identity of each pupil capable to samorazvivatsya, make decisions, creatively to think. Successful achievement of this purpose is inseparably linked with development of pedagogical technology which is based taking into account two aspects: the general and individual. It is aware of teaching cookery technologies of the developing training are used; technology blochno modular training; video of technology, mutual training.

Development and improvement of public catering is possible in case design of dining rooms, cafe, etc. will be conducted with application of new forms of service, advanced technology of production and rational methods of placement of these enterprises.

In the territory of the enterprise tight collections have to be provided, it is better than container type, separately for food waste and garbage. All garbage should be taken out regularly, in the summer daily, in the winter every other day. For storage of the food waste intended for a cattle forage it is expedient to equip the special chambers cooled up to the temperature of 2 degrees and having a separate entrance.

Production shops have to be placed taking into account convenient interrelation among themselves, the lunch hall and storerooms. When planning production rooms their orientation on parts of the world is considered. Hot and confectionery shops are guided by the North, the northeast, the northwest. The same orientation should adhere for refrigerators.