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Electrodepots Pechatniki and Lublin line with Chkalovskaya, Roman, Country Outpost, Kozhukhovskaya, Pechatniki, Volga, Lyublino, Bratislava and Maryino stations are put into operation.

One more masterpiece of the subway of work of Paweê Corin - Novoslobodskaya station. Here the artist addresses to other art form which had a wide circulation in art synthesis of the Middle Ages - to color stained-glass windows.

It were stations of columned type. Narrow columns were trimmed by cheap grades of minerals. As facing of walls of stations the inexpensive tile served. All stations looked approximately equally. Land lobbies were not built usually - architects were content with "holes" in asphalt.

On September 6 - the site of the Zamoskvoretsky line with 2 Domodedovskaya and Krasnogvadeyskaya stations - 3,4 km long is accepted in operation; On November 6 - operation of a site of the Serpukhov line with Prazhskaya station 1,1 km long began.

On January 13 - the Zhdanovskaya station and electrodepot are renamed into "Vykhino", the Zhdanov and Krasnopresnensky line is renamed into Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya; On December 31 - the new site of the Filevsky line with Krylatskoye station 1,9 km long is put into operation.

From that day the subway became a reliable air-raid shelter for Muscovites. As soon as the air-raid warning appeared, the subway passed from the transport mode to the mode of shelter of the population, and after a release the movement was resumed. Transition time from one mode for another, as a rule, made about 10 minutes.

Transfer knot on Komsomolskaya Square - one of the most loaded sites of the capital subway. In day through it there pass about 1,8 million people. (Indicative arithmetics: two stations "Komsomolskiye" hand over revenues more, than all Kalinin line). Due to the forthcoming 850 anniversary of Moscow, the station smartens up. Restore marble eaves which began it was already to be painted here and there, wash out and anew paint stucco mouldings.

On November 6 - the site of the Kaluga and Riga line with 2 stations - "Konkovo" and " Stan" - 2,9 km long is accepted in operation; On December 31 - operation of a site of the Serpukhov and Timiryaevsky line with Chekhovskaya station 1,6 km long began.