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Ideas of education had essential impact and on music, especially in France, Germany, Austria. The new system of esthetic views of educators on reserves of musical and drama art directly prepared opera reform of K. W. Gluck who proclaimed "simplicity, the truth and naturalness" the only criteria of beauty for all art forms.

The classicism which found clearly educational shade in creativity the architect K. N. Lera and the painter Zh. L. David in France and the educational realism which extended mainly in painting and U. Hogarth's graphics in England, D.N.Khodovetskogo in Germany, etc. were the main directions in the fine arts of this era.

In any of Russo's works four keynotes incessantly sound: cult of personality, sensitivity, cult of the nature and feeling of social injustice. These motives, generally characterize also philosophical outlook of Russo, and his direct reaction to life, and all his art creativity.