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The country of goods' origin the country in which the goods were completely made is considered or will subject to sufficient processing according to certain criteria. Thus the group of the countries, Customs unions of the countries, the region or part of the country if there is a need of their allocation for goods origin definition can be understood as the country of goods' origin.

participants of the transaction are affiliated persons, except for cases when their interdependence does not influence the transaction price that has to be proved by the customs applicant. Thus affiliated persons are understood as persons in whom one of the following signs is inherent at least:

The nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade almost completely coincides with the Harmonized system of the description and coding of goods therefore its application in the customs and tariff and statistical purposes is carried out according to the basic rules of classification, and also explanations and notes which are integral and a body of GS. There are six basic rules:

Destruction of goods is made by the interested person on own account and does not attract for the state of any expenses. The waste formed as a result of destruction of goods has to be placed under corresponding customs regulations as the foreign goods which are under customs control.

the goods made not by the producer of the estimated goods, but other person are accepted on attention only if there are neither the identical, nor uniform goods made by the person - the producer of the estimated goods;

In the nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade the principle of unambiguous reference of goods to classification groups according to notes and the basic rules of interpretation of the nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade is strictly observed. The unambiguous understanding of classification groups is a necessary condition when determining rates of the customs duties and other payments, comparison of various countries given about foreign trade, etc. The units of measure used in the nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade conform to the international standards.