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the respective spheres of activity where the main components of a way of life of various sociocultural subjects are formed and realized (values, motives and the purposes of activity, human potential, etc.).

Unit of the analysis of a situation — the problem demanding the decision within the specific project. This concept of design has some values. It is necessary to understand as a problem, first, certain objective difficulties, barriers, the trouble facts (quantitative aspect). Secondly, the problem should be considered and in other plane — as result of understanding, understanding of a situation, vision in it a certain contradiction on which permission the developed program has to be directed. In this case the problem is conscious discrepancy real and desirable, real and due, the purposes and results, i.e. real situation and accepted in the society of standard representations and instructions (qualitative aspect).

Thus, the analysis of a problem situation is genetically primary in relation to a development stage of substantial part of the project. As guarantee of permission of a problem situation its creative transformation into a purpose and system of tasks according to which the idea of the project is born serves and possible models of future decisions are built.

Spiritual and moral habitat (both in the form of public morals, and at the intesubjektivny level — as the intra personal maintenance of spiritual and moral values, norms, ideals, meanings of human life);